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watch out, look out
by Mario August 28, 2003
378 117
Literally "trout" in Spanish, it is also Spanish slang for "alert", or "vigilant". It was a combined with the word "Salvadorian" to form "Salvatrucha", as in Mara Salvatrucha, or the street gang MS13.

It is used as a warning, for example, similar to "heads-up".
Truchas! Cops are coming!
by merc142 May 09, 2006
367 277
When a person is on the ball, meaning they're keeping track of their shit... always ready.
"Mira que trucha esa chola"
by MANIACO May 19, 2009
80 69
Gay in Spanish slang.
Parece un poco trucha.
by rankete July 20, 2012
11 43
In Argentina. Face.

Mira la trucha de ese tipo. Look at the fece of this guy.
by makato July 10, 2008
33 82