A show that ran on the fox network for about a year and a half before being cancelled: means something that is very quickly dropped.
Isabelle's grades went down faster than Fox pulled "Tru Calling."
by Nina Hikari June 05, 2005
Top Definition
a show starring eliza dushku. the show is about tru (eliza), who works in a mourge. people who died unnatural death ask her for help, and then the day rewinds ,so tru can save them. through the course of the show many twists and turns occured, such as tru's opposite jack came in who did what tru does accept he preserves fate and stops tru from saving lives.
guy1: hey did u watch tru calling last night?
guy2: no! shiteeeeee what happened?
by ps7 August 15, 2005
Do-mi-so ring on Nokia
Hey dude ur dads callin u and ur ring is tru calling.
by mattytatateyo November 04, 2003
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