a word often used by homos to describe a mans shlong.
hey ellton why dont u go battle that queers trowser snake.
by margie mario January 15, 2008
Top Definition
Known to be the worlds most dangerous snake. Colors vary from pink to black. It's fangless, average lenth is 5-6 inches, although some are rumored to reach 8 or more inches (depending on the honesty of the owner)

It usually appears in bedrooms and attacks women in the mouth, lower abdominal area and sometimes the butt.

It's highly venomous spit can cause swelling that lasts 9 months. Infection can occur if proper protection is not worn while handling.

Some mutant species have also been known to attack men from behind.
"Is she pregnant?" " No a trowser snake bit her..."
by CanadianLaughter May 13, 2010
A visible (and quite lengthy) bulge in the trousers, commonly found in aroused men.
Did you see Dick over in that chair? He's got quite a trowser snake going about him.
by kylexxkatastrophy August 19, 2007
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