You basic act of flatulence, or farting to the layperson.
While in a formal meeting, David lift his leg, leans to one side, and farts.
"trouser cough" he says.
by Spinny November 29, 2009
Southern English slang (one of the many) for passing gas. Similar in use to trousertrumpet.
Ooops! I just had a trousercough, open a window!
by Arlo Stebbing January 01, 2005
Another word for farting or breaking wind, a loud rumble in your pants, or short burp from your bum without warning, or a loud intetnional cheek lifter. (could have come from russia)...
Burp, Burp,Baarrp,...Awh Man that was some trousercough, you oughta get that scene to.

Colonel Trousercough reporting for duty...(lifts cheek.. Barrpp!)
by Andrea Gaia April 04, 2008
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