Like the first definition mentions, it is a term used among those the paintball scene, however it is also used as an insult as well. Similar to the way "fag" or "homo" is so casually used.
Dude quit being a trose.
by Agg Pirate September 09, 2005
Top Definition
paintball term used to challange, or as a word to describe bested. Also a So Cali Paintball Crew (CRUSH/HK).
Ah so you wanna try and trose our crew?
by RAAA XXXOG MuthaFuKA! May 18, 2005
A self-defining thing. Characteristics include blondness and diminutive size. Also suggests homoerotic content.
A: "You're such a trose!"
B: "What do you mean, 'a trose'?"
A: "Well, you are one. It's self-defining."
by Janettetrose September 28, 2007
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