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Italian expression for "fuck buddy"(="trombamico/a") or "friend with benefits" (="amico/a con benefici")

The word consists of the words "trombare" (=fuck, Have sex, make sex), which is a Tuscan dialect word which means "to fuck", and the word "amico/a" (buddy or friend in english).

synonyms : "scopamico/a", "amico/a di sesso", "amico/a di scopata"

A person that you are not a couple with, but you occasionaly fuck when your bored and horny .

The relationship with "trombamico/a" is simple and un-complicated..There is no deep emotional connection, you do not socialize with eachother outside the bedroom, there is only sexual attraction and activities.
1.Ieri, mi sentivo particolarmente arrapata/o ed ho chiamato il mio/la mia trombamico/a.

2.Ho una trombamica da circa 5 mesi.

3. domanda: Ma quei due sono fidanzati ?

Risposta: No, sono solo trombamici /scopamici.
by Frankyliberal July 25, 2010
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