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"Trolling is a art" is perhaps the definitive statement regarding trolling. If we define trolling as the intentional disruption of another's emotional well being, often through a feigned promotion of an unpopular belief, or political position, the statement is in itself a troll. The deliberate use of "a" where "an" should be is likely to arouse a negative reaction among those concerned with correct english usage. The fact that the statement is itself directly referring to trolling and the art thereof gives further power to its effect; if you're jimmies are rustled by this statement, its author has succeeded, and its veracity has been confirmed.
jimbob: you're balls are lo thus as a small mammal.
fred:You fucking faggot, you meant "your."
jimbob: Trolling is a art.
fred: I think you meant "an." Jesus. English motherfucker, do you speak it?
by caucasian absconded with my bi November 21, 2013
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