Weapon of choice by hardcore rapper "The Notorious F.L.A", and his bodyguards. This weapon is deadly and should only be used by those with extreeme skill.
Sorry Notorious F.L.A, i didnt mean to accidently touch you ahh "crack" "crack" ahhhhh!!!
by Anonymous February 16, 2003
Top Definition
the pole that comes from trolley's, it is the bit you puch, you get it by putting the trolley on the side and jumping on the trolley just below where the pole connects to the trolley, it is incredibly light and easy to conceal. but it packs a great deal of punch and will knock out your opponent. very popular in Australia
"man did you hear that dickhead ed got the shit beaten out of him?"
"yeah i heard he got poled in the head by matt"
"yeah matt knocked him out, i saw ed strumbling around like 30 minutes after it happened, he was fucked"
"yeah trolley polls are deadly"
by F"crack"J September 03, 2005
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