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A group better known as "The Unhappy Virgins For Life Society" started as a one boy group now a whopping two boy group. Backstreet Boys are jealous of there fanbase.
Hi, I'm a Troll Alliance(Virgin) please have sex with me.
by Jarp July 29, 2004
people who lack of gaming skills makes them turn to game bashing and man lubbin
The Troll Alliance welcomes it's newest member, Richard, he will doublessly fit in here
by harris5 October 01, 2003
Created by Blair and So1o. The Troll Alliance. Tells the truth about the crappy PC Game World War II Online. A game that should have never been released. Blair is no longer in the Troll Alliance. Although So1o has taken his name and made many Troll Alliance Websites that have been taken down many times, by the fanboys of WWIIOL.
Tell the truth like The Troll Alliance does.