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A condom with just da ring, makes ya feel protected.
Person 1: "Yo dawg, you fuck her last night?"

Person 2: "Yeah bra, I brought my own condom. A Trojan Rawdog.
#dom mazzetti #trojan #rawdog #trojan rawdog #makes ya feel protected
by Goatsy March 09, 2014
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a condom with just the ring, nothing else
Dom Mazzetti: "lemme tell you a little secret man, I brought my own brand of condom down to seaside, I call it the Trojan rawdog. It's just the ring, just the ring of the condom, nothin else. Now I got like 8 bastard kids in seaside."
#dom mazzetti #condom #rawdog #trojan #just the ring
by dom_mazzetti0284 October 05, 2013
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