an abbreviation of trouble (like prob/probs = problem)

provides variety in a sentence instead of always using "probs"

"trob" can also be used to a certain extent
"can i borrow 20 quid?"
"yeh sure, its no trobs"

"uh oh, here comes trobs"
by Frank Jones III December 08, 2011
Top Definition
Is a douchey person who decides to one up your story to show he or she is a bigger badass therefore "robbing" you of the story. Usually associated with people who want to prove they are better than you, so they create a situation of "T Robbing"
Guy 1: Man that lake is always cold
Guy 2: Oh I know, I took a dip in it during the winter.
Guy 3: No way! I do that every year.
Guy 2: Oh and the water is way warmer than it is outside dude.
Guy 3: Well the waters on the west coast are way colder due to water currents from the arctic.

Guy 2: Yeah dude I use to fish up there like "Deadliest Catch"

Guy 1: God! Whay a bunch of T Robs!
by Xrad May 14, 2014
phill roberts
phil is a brummy trob
by chinko stu July 06, 2003
one who likes fooooooooooooood!
(very much)
look around. you should be able to see him. (wherever you look and wherever you are)
by rifledude303 May 03, 2005
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