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one who likes fooooooooooooood!
(very much)
look around. you should be able to see him. (wherever you look and wherever you are)
by rifledude303 May 03, 2005
Is a douchey person who decides to one up your story to show he or she is a bigger badass therefore "robbing" you of the story. Usually associated with people who want to prove they are better than you, so they create a situation of "T Robbing"
Guy 1: Man that lake is always cold
Guy 2: Oh I know, I took a dip in it during the winter.
Guy 3: No way! I do that every year.
Guy 2: Oh and the water is way warmer than it is outside dude.
Guy 3: Well the waters on the west coast are way colder due to water currents from the arctic.

Guy 2: Yeah dude I use to fish up there like "Deadliest Catch"

Guy 1: God! Whay a bunch of T Robs!
by Xrad May 14, 2014
an abbreviation of trouble (like prob/probs = problem)

provides variety in a sentence instead of always using "probs"

"trob" can also be used to a certain extent
"can i borrow 20 quid?"
"yeh sure, its no trobs"

"uh oh, here comes trobs"
by Frank Jones III December 08, 2011
phill roberts
phil is a brummy trob
by chinko stu July 06, 2003