triple c messes you up.
i was coherrent with 16 and was able to pull off being normal. i was walking but didn't feel my feet touch the ground. bright lights seemed to pop out like a 3-d book. you get this feeling like you're floating and that you're looking at the world through a glass. you're not really there, you're just observing the world but you're not really there. it was fun

i soon upped my dosage. my next time a can recall, i had taken 24 and was having interesting trips. at this point, you can't really do anything other than lay in one spot. my friend and i were tripping that we were grasshoppers and suddenly the walls felt like skin. at this point, you really CAN'T get away with it infront of your parents like others have said. you can't really speak or move much because there's just too much going on in your head.

now this one, the one that made me stop doing this stuff...i had never really came down from my high over a three day period (this stuff is extremely addicting) and decided i'd take one more big dosage before i came down for the week. i took about 32. i was in hell. horrible horrible trip. i was tripping that i was myself, but years later, completely relient on this drug. i was chained to a wall, severely malnourished and sickly (like a more grotesque version of golum from Lord of the Rings). all i wanted was this drug. no food, no water, just the drug. complete silence surrounded me, other than the ambient disturbing A Clockwork Orange style score in my head. god appeared and told me i was pathetic and a waste of life. he then showed me hell, saying this is where i was going. ever seen Hellraiser 2? watch it. imagine that times 15 and that's what it was for me. i felt my brain shut completely off. i couldn't say a word other than "more". i wanted out of this nightmare so bad but at the same time i just wanted more to fuel my high. mind you, it was broad daylight out and my mind sort of pulled a curtain over the sun, making everything blacker than black...if that's possible. i imagined everyone just viewing me through a sort of barred window in a door, like an asylum, just shaking their i was some freak attraction. the people closest to me would stare with disappointment. i couldn't tell them sorry. just that i wanted more. i felt like alex from A Clockwork Orange. forced to watch something and you can't escape it and it just torments you, makes you insane. i actually pulled my pocket knife out of my back pocket and thought about killing myself to end the torment because i thought it was all real. thankfully i made myself believe that i hit rock bottom and the only way left was up.

it got a lot worse than that but i figure that's enough. i'm just saying, be careful. i thought i was okay, being that i never abused anything in my life. but before you realize it, you're doing more and more. i say stick with one pack (16). it's when i upped it past 16 that i started getting bad trips. my honest opinion though...stick with robo-tripping. you feel sick before you feel good but i've never had a bad trip on that.
by ButteredBagels October 30, 2008
Top Definition
Tripple C's is referring to Corcidin Cough & Cold. It's usually refered as Triple C by the people that do it recreationally. Contains active ingredients Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide(cough suppressant, dissociative), Acetominophen (pain reliever, dangerous at high dose), Pseudoepherine (nasal decongestant, also risky at high dose).
"Yo man go snag me some triple cs at Rite Aid, i ain't got shit to do tonight."
by Markus Infinity April 19, 2006
those things fuck u up!! and sex isnt really good when ure trippin on those, like u can fuck but u wont feel shit so its pointless.
bitch get off me i cant feeel ur pussy!! this triple c's dont work for sex lets smoke weed thats better. =)
by brown boy 69 October 17, 2011
coricidin HBP cold and cough
allergy medicine that contains DXM you can find in any pharmacy. Me and my friends steal these on a daily basis. If your doin this for your first time dont be a dumbass, dont take more than 16 and when you steal them make sure u take em out of the box and ditch the box, id recomend takin about 7 or 8 for your first time.
"dude i downed 10 triple c's about an hour ago and i just beat the shit out of this smart ass clown that couldnt keep his mouth shut". words of an abuser at the peak of his high
by billyboi December 18, 2006
a cough medicine, Coricidin HBP.
I took 12 my first time.
dont unless you are looking for a hellla insane trip.
by thetotoroboy April 08, 2009
Triple C's (CCC) stands for Coricidin cold & cough, for high blood pressure. Triple c's are a disassociative drug, that when taken in amounts of 4-12 (i greatly recommend not going over 12), can cause a feeling of being over-excited, double vision, paranoia, and sometimes even hallucinations. it is a psychedelic drug, that messes with your perception. the main chemical, dxm (or dextromethorphan) is in most cough medicines, but are in a higher dose in these small red pills. Family Dollar sells these (usually don't I.D., you have to be 18 due to new laws) for about 4 times cheaper than the coricidin brand. DXM diminishes the vitamin b12 in your brain, which can be a problem (so find some vitamin b12!). IT also can cause heart failure and internal bleeding. being close to the meth family, like meth, will cause constipation, which is a bitch the next day. Common names for coridicin cold and cough are: triple c's, skittles, red velvet, and robopills. they can become severely addicting, also.

I was trippin' sack last night on those triple c's!
by DrJustin April 28, 2008
Probably the most fun way to get high..

Dont take more than 12 if its your first time.....
A: Pass the Triple c's
by Katana Witch January 24, 2015
skittles CCC's DXM Drug

A small red pill that makes horney asian girls take you to a secret secluded location on a cold rainy day in a park under a tree where they proceed to make out with you, take their shirt off, and straddle you. Meanwhile you're both tripping balls.

Sex may or may not occur.

Asian Girl -- "Take my clothes off."

Guy -- "Its fucking cold and raining! Must be that Triple C."
by Bobby Quid January 26, 2009
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