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when you take some cat nip and roll it into a ball and place it in a piece of kleenex. you than insert into your rectum and trip for 10-12 hours.
yo man, i did some tripnip last night and thought i was my cat and my cat was me...
by immaeatcatnip August 11, 2011
another name for a gay homosexual with three nipples and a cameltoe
Tyler Wilson from Bremond, Texas is a trip nip cause he's a homo.
by tylersgay123 December 02, 2009
when you have 3 nipples, or a spot that looks like one on your chest
Dude, you have a trip nip?
by whitecar January 06, 2009
tripnip-meaning someone with a third nipple

Here Pepsi lee .. theres tripnip walking down the road!!
by danny (h) is it cuz im cool April 07, 2008