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A combination of two phrases. "True" and "indeed". Used to agree with something or said when something cool happens.
Some dude: damn that bitch is hot
You: trin!
by logan April 06, 2003
A beautiful girl whose hair is ever-changing. Adored by many, but truly known by only a few. She enjoys painting people.
Person 1: Who's that walking down the road?
Person 2: Are you blind? She has bright pink hair, that's obviously Trin.
by kjashdkahdjad February 04, 2010
beautiful blonde hair. Fun loving and with three perfect things about her. Soul, Looks, and Attitude
by Scott April 07, 2003
a jerk who lies alot. he never cares about anyone and never tells the truth. Hes a coward who doesn't admit what he has done wrong.
You: Dude i dont like him
Your friend: Hes such a "trin."

Another example:
My boyfriend's such a trin.
by BOBSsyyy!!! November 11, 2010
An unholy combination of a shrin-gina and a girl with whom said shrin-gina will never score.
Hey, here comes Trin
by Ritz June 16, 2004
Hot Moma Cita that i love
by Scott April 07, 2003
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