A beautiful girl whose hair is ever-changing. Adored by many, but truly known by only a few. She enjoys painting people.
Person 1: Who's that walking down the road?
Person 2: Are you blind? She has bright pink hair, that's obviously Trin.
by kjashdkahdjad February 04, 2010
Top Definition
A combination of two phrases. "True" and "indeed". Used to agree with something or said when something cool happens.
Some dude: damn that bitch is hot
You: trin!
by logan April 06, 2003
beautiful blonde hair. Fun loving and with three perfect things about her. Soul, Looks, and Attitude
by Scott April 07, 2003
a jerk who lies alot. he never cares about anyone and never tells the truth. Hes a coward who doesn't admit what he has done wrong.
You: Dude i dont like him
Your friend: Hes such a "trin."

Another example:
My boyfriend's such a trin.
by BOBSsyyy!!! November 11, 2010
An unholy combination of a shrin-gina and a girl with whom said shrin-gina will never score.
Hey, here comes Trin
by Ritz June 16, 2004
Hot Moma Cita that i love
by Scott April 07, 2003
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