its a kind of gum its like dental stuff not to bad
hey get me some trident from the store
by shaun March 07, 2005
Top Definition
Latin for "three teeth."
People always recognize Cory because of his trident smile.
by Clit Eatswood July 14, 2006
The insertion of the middle finger, the pinky finger and the thumb into a vagina. All fingers will most likely be broken in the process.
Guy 1: Dude, did you give her a trident last night?
Guy 2: Yeah man, I think all my fingers are broken, but it was worth it!
by Spenny/Kris September 08, 2011
When you are banging a girl and you get her in important three places for the ultimate orgasm! one finger or tongue on the clit, one finger on the G-spot, one finger on the cervix rim.
She virtually exploded when I gave her the trident.
by kersplatt! August 26, 2008
Finnick Odair's badass weapon of choice.
Where's Finnick?
Odair he is.
What's that in his hand, you ask?
It's a three-pronged pitchfork, better known as a trident.
via giphy
by The Good Grandfather March 01, 2016
an all male threesome
John, Spencer, and I made the best trident yesterday and now my everything hurts
by kyleg1991 August 01, 2011
a type of camel toe worn when wearing tights or leggings where the clothing material rides not just into the womans crotch, but also into her thighs, creating a trident look
ha, dude look, that chick has such a big trident
by Mjolnir945 August 31, 2010
Cadbury's questionable attempt to enter the chewing gum market within the United Kingdom. The catchphrase "Mastication for the Nation" within its television advertisements has promoted widespread outrage on the use of ethnic stereotypes; in particular, the the dark-skinned man used on the boat. Nevertheless, the product itself remains a high-calibre product that one would enjoy chewing; a variety of flavours are available, for example, such as "Tropical Splash", in addition to your conventional tastes such as spearmint. A fantastic product: the marketing, however, remains yet to prove its success.
"Hey dude"
"Going to Tesco in a second...want anything?"
"Yeah could you pick me up some Trident gum?"
"Cool thanks"
by Androo the Stoodent March 08, 2007
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