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A: A variation of the story of "Charlie the Unicorn", in which instead of the Charlie having his spleen stolen by another unicorn, a fictitious man, only known as "MVWG", comes and steals Charlie's spleen, hence the name tricky unicorn.
B: The name given to the unicorn named "PAW", while being tricked by "MVWG", in the previously stated well known you-tube video.
C: Other variations show "PAW" as the tricky unicorn tricking "MVWG" and stealing his spleen for black market cash.
Person 1: "OMG OMG OMG!! IT'S MVWG!!

Person 2: "You can't trust him.. He's a tricky unicorn."
by mvwgalldayeryday October 14, 2011
Person known for their deceptive ways, a prime example is the entity known as MVWG. Often lures you into a false sense of security by offering cookies or other treats baked from the grill of the nicest car on earth. MRH is another prime example.
Person A: "That guy looks pretty cool, he gave me cookies he made in his car"

Person B: "NOOOOOOOO!!! That MRH is a tricky unicorn"
by THEREALMVWG October 21, 2011
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