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Triangle on penis, also known as "Triangle of pleasure"

Based on some old urban stories, they say that if someone has a scarred or natural triangle mark on the foreskin of his penis (the male cannot be circumcised so he can fully posses the benefits of the triangle, and carry on the heritage).

Books say that, this male will be born with abnormal and adaptable sexual skills to satisfy any woman.

His penis is bigger than average, and his abilities in bed are extremely outstanding.

If you find a male with a Triangle of Pleasure on the foreskin (the skin surrounding the "head" of the penis), make sure it's natural--usually scarred-- since males started to tattoo their penis to "carry on" this legends.

If you happen to find a male with the rial triangle, you're a lucky woman.
Girl1:He's as good in bed as if he had the triangle of pleasure.
Girl2:Wow! He must be awesome! Lucky you!
Girl1: He really is. I am so lucky.
by Dr.UrbanLegends April 22, 2011
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