Stands for That Random Guy. Similar to THGOMB. It's what you call a hot guy whose name you don't know, and perhaps you see often but haven't gotten the chance to speak to etc.
Jessica: How was the party last night?
Amy: Awesome. You won't believe who was there!!
Jessica: Who?
Amy: TRG!!
Jessica: Heaps good! Did you talk to him?
Amy: Nah, didn't get the chance to.
Jessica: Stop making excuses!!!
by aussie.elle June 13, 2008
a stupid ass gang of nips that think that they are better than any one else. they always get killed in Califas by the East Side Longogang. They are the biggest asian gang in the US but not big enough to claim a city. even if they are the biggest they are the lamest.
the East Side Longo won the street war against the TRG with 50 homicides in 2 months. Mexicans only had 9 casualties
by Ese Stranger December 26, 2004
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