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treemo stands for tree hugger is a cross between a hippy and is steadily increasing as a trend for teens. its for the depressed nature freaks
i am a treemo and proud of it
by fire_spirit August 31, 2006
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Basically, a cross between a trendy and an emo. They pretend to be emo and do emo things but only to be part of a branch of popular modern youth culture. Then again, if a Treemo realises that they are only a sheep and that their only purpose in life is to pretend to be like other people then they may evolve into an emo.
Emo: My life sucks, so i'm moody.
Treemo: My life sucks too.

Emo: Nobody understands my individuality
Treemo: Err, same here
by A L Harvey November 05, 2005
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