The crusty brown streaks left inside underwear. Usually the result of simple nastiness.
Laura must use tongs because of the tread marks in George's thongs.
by nekedpig July 12, 2008
Top Definition
Not wiping you bum enough after a poop, and some poo residue is left on your tighty whities...thereby looking like a treadmark.
I didnt wipe hard enough, theres poo on my underwear, and now i have tread marks
by Samuek July 22, 2008
The holes left over from herion usage
Nice tread marks dude
by *9 July 02, 2005
A very popular clothing line started by Tim Graham out of his apartment in Newport WA.
Treadmark awesomeness, chickmagnet.
by TreadMark May 16, 2009
The scars a heroin addict has on their arms. A common term in Vancouver BC's Downtown Eastside.
Man, Bob had some heinous treadmarks on him.
by alee2 April 26, 2009
The shitstains that are left on the bottom of a toilet even after flushing.
My shit wasn't too hard, and wasn't totally liquid, so I left treadmarks.
by SDoakes October 02, 2009
normally what will happen when you get hit by a car... or sat on by a fat woman...
"wow! that fat ladie in the car deffinataly left treadmarks all over you dumb ass... (((salkys)))" (i perfer you look up salkys)
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
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