A Rare name in the world. People Named Traver are usually Unique and are always looking for a thrill. People who are named Traver are liked by lots of girls because of his personality and cleverness.
Man that guy has to be a Traver he's to extreme not to be!
by Za Clay February 19, 2010
Top Definition
Travers is a scottish term used to mean cute or hot

This guy i met last night was a total travers
by Ron O'Connel April 03, 2008
someone who is extreamly attractive and dates a beautiful girl who is attractive as well, different, multi-talented.
Traver is so sexy that he dates a girl named Nikelia
by Penist676 April 13, 2010
a short baboon like creature with no tail and man boobs
that ape looks like such a travers
by THe nEAndertHAL JEWish GuY October 19, 2010
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