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being so drunk that you feel it necessary to split your words up with a hyphen.
dude, i am soo fucking t-rashed! lets go do a beer bong.
by ojpimpjuice69 December 08, 2008
1 0
A term used to describe the vandalism of a room with the word T-RASHED everywhere, on the floor, walls and ceiling.
We totaly T-RASHED his room.
by MOMAR May 09, 2005
0 0
1. to totally destroy something
2. to be completely drunk
3. to be exhausted
4. to steal
1. "Lets trash that cardboard"
2. "You get trashed drinking that"
3. "Man I am trashed"
4. "Lets trash the place and take the stuff"
by K-Scrawl October 07, 2008
19 20
To be "T-Rashed" mean to be tworn the fuck up...... beyond being not sober...... It is derived from the word "trashed"
Yeah that nigga was soo T-Rashed last night off that Acid!
by ThatBoyMattSmith May 26, 2006
0 2
A word started in Philly to describe an asswhopping.
Yo da bull got trashed
by Riah from Philly January 26, 2007
12 44
a girl being fucked without any concern of her well-being
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
18 80
Grossly accomodated lust.
fuck screw ball bang smash
I trashed the shit out that bitch.
by anarchypunk April 25, 2005
9 77