Intoxication above and beyond the call of duty.
Man, I was so T-RASHED last night I don't remember the drive home from the bar. I got so T-RASHED I don't even remember who I slept with.
by EBoogs April 14, 2006
1. to totally destroy something
2. to be completely drunk
3. to be exhausted
4. to steal
1. "Lets trash that cardboard"
2. "You get trashed drinking that"
3. "Man I am trashed"
4. "Lets trash the place and take the stuff"
by K-Scrawl October 07, 2008
A term used to describe the vandalism of a room with the word T-RASHED everywhere, on the floor, walls and ceiling.
We totaly T-RASHED his room.
by MOMAR May 09, 2005
To be "T-Rashed" mean to be tworn the fuck up...... beyond being not sober...... It is derived from the word "trashed"
Yeah that nigga was soo T-Rashed last night off that Acid!
by ThatBoyMattSmith May 26, 2006
A word started in Philly to describe an asswhopping.
Yo da bull got trashed
by Riah from Philly January 26, 2007
a girl being fucked without any concern of her well-being
by Anonymous April 01, 2003
Grossly accomodated lust.
fuck screw ball bang smash
I trashed the shit out that bitch.
by anarchypunk April 25, 2005

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