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alson know as the 'gon; it is where everyone refers to themselves as sick cunts, its where bogan 15 year olds are stirring up shit at the plaza, its where bouncers kick out 38 underagers a night, its where the skanky 14 year old girls wait go to every underage inferno, its where a girls best insult is 'slut!', its where people go for an std, its where street ratting is what is done for a living, its where the backyard parties are at, its where people start fights everyday because there all tough as, its where you can get easy access to drugs, its where fat hooker sluts like to drink beer on a saturday night, its the place to be.
shes from traralgon, what a slut.
dont go near her shes from traralgon.
by lovet. April 02, 2009

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