A younger man who seeks out older women. Unlike the cougar hunter or cougar hawk, the trapper prefers to watch his prey from afar, using subtlety and patience to win the day.
1. "Brad keeps eying all the MILFs who come through here, but he never makes a move.
2. "He's just biding his time, dude, like a trapper."
by Lord Fendleberry September 25, 2010
A female who intentionally 'traps' males into an unforeseen preganancy, often by stopping the use of birth control pills without the male companion knowing.
"dat bitch said she was on da birf control, and now dat trapper is preggers"
by mike shay March 03, 2008
A device used for holding school equipment (papers, pencils, scissors). Also makes a great self-defense weapon.
He threw his trapper during English.
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
A person who is shut out from the rest of society and only dates one person Named hot lips. (Search Hot Lips for more info)
You are such a trapper hot lips!
by Randall Flag May 11, 2005
Going out with Hotlips, loves Sabbath and AC/DC!!!1
Why IS he going out with Hotlips?
by KING J(mandude) May 10, 2005

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