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This is a band from Cleveland, Ohio that got it's start touring with hollywood undead in 2008.

They are defined as rapcore or crunkcore but the band says they are just rock rap with a twist.
They combine rap, metal, electro pop, and techno to create a very unique sound.

The band also wears bandanas to conceal their identites, some fans believe this is in hommage to the bands friends in hollywood undead, others believe that they are just too sexy for the general public.

The band is sometimes referred to as THR!

The band has 1 full length album available titled "We'll Come To That Bridge When We Cross It".

The band is currently working on a new album scheduled for release in March of 2010.

The band has a die-hard fan-base of kids who call themselves "Rave Slaves" in honor of THRs song "Rave Slave".
Did you hear "Revive" the new Trap House Rave! song?
by Sarrrra<3 September 17, 2009
a band from ohio that is comparable to but is better than hollywood undead.
these dudes wear bandanas like real gangsters, not corny ass masks lik hu.

these guys have more talent than half of the industry.
trap house rave is way better than hollywood undead!
by ravidslaveiddavid September 22, 2009

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