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When I'm bored, I go "transmitter testing". This generally refers to me picking a random VHF frequnecy and transmitting music over it. Because I have a Vertex VX-150 as well as a 35-watt VHF amplifier attached to it the range is about 20 or miles, depending on if I am transmitting at full power or fractional power levels. I like to chose frequencies that are not being used, generally its a business radio service frequency or Marine VHF channel. I have however, transmitted over weatheradio (162.400 to 162.550 MHz) channels are that really pisses people off.

This is all, of course, illegal.
Guy who lives next to me: "How come all I hear on my weatheradio is Jimi Hendrix and Men At Work?"

Me: "I'm just transmitter testing"
by IrishRepublicanArmy May 31, 2004
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