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when numerous people get on a trampoline and jump around in a wild and crazy manner while thrashing around, headbanging, slamming, pummeling, tackling, and running into each other.
--just like regular moshing, except done on a trampoline, causing it to be crazier, more dangerous, and more extreme, therefore making it 10x better
--usually done while some insanely amazing screamo music is being played
--may result in unpleasantness, fainting, disorientation, loss of conciousness, excessive bleeding, seizures, sh***ing your pants, serious injury, or death (trampoline mosh at your own f***ing risk >:D)
Ricardo: Hey, look!! There's a trampoline!!!!!
Chuck: Let's go trampoline moshing!!!!!
Amelya: F**K YEAH!!!!!
Other girls:AHHH!!!! *run away in girly manner*
by Amelya the Great June 29, 2009
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