Awsome school that other kids wish they could get into but can't because they have their head too far up their ass.
Bob: Hey I tried to get into Tower Hill but couldn't.
Jim: Maybe it's because your head's too far up your ass. Try Tatnall they'll take anyone
Bob: Hell no! Tatnall sucks balls
Jim: True
by Some person March 17, 2005
Delaware's old money and rich nerds school.
Tower Hill Kid: I love discussing string theory with friends while playing squash. Did you know my mother's maiden name was du Pont?
by The Honest Delawarean May 19, 2007
Tower Hill is a private snobby ass school with about 4 black kids, maybe 5 asians, and about 670 white kids. They have a very strict dress code for their kids- the high schooler have to wear "Moo Moos"( large oversized t shirts) to cover any offending body part: shoulders, ankles, etc. Not known for its hot guys, most of the girls turn to the nearby school Tatnall for their hot and heavy love sessions. A tower hill evening would consist of 1) Alchohol, and lots of it...these kids be gangsta 2) a few porsches
3) maybe a house party of too like freshman billy (the little punk didnt even get in trouble for trashing his house)
4) Tatnall boys, god knows TH boys arent worth the time, even when ur shitfaced
one moo moo was once given for less than an inch of midriff. Tower Hill just cannot handle their students rockin bods.
by anonymous 2 May 08, 2005
A private co-ed school that finds enjoyment in supporting their butch field hockey team. The kids love trying to figure out new ways to critisize people but finally realize their family is so unbelievably full of themselves that they are inbred..oh, shucks..guess you really cant think... The feild hockey team is not only known for being extremely successful but also for posting on Urban Dictionary about themselves! Real neat, Helga!
Jim: Remeber that hot Tower Hill field hockey player...
Jack: haha...good one, Jim.
by Youarentcool October 17, 2006
Very small co-educational private school founded in 1919 located off of Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilmington, DE. Selective enrollment includes prekindergarten through grade 12. Notorious for it's stellar female athletic program, noteably it's field hockey team, which holds the national record for state championship titles, 14. Hillers all look alike, due to the school's incredibly strict dress code, with everyone dressing in the same Banana Republic, Abercrombie or J.Crew apparel.
Tower Hill = field hockey = hierarchical society in which these female athletes are given celebrity status. All the little girls want to be them while the rest of the school broods over their misfortune of choosing the wrong sport to play in middle school or being born a male.
by anonymous January 10, 2005
TOWERHILL a local footie team which has alot of fit boys most of the time people on the side focus only on there bums and not there the actual game.
>>OMG look at ' towerhill ' playing there so good!
>>oOft there asses r so gud too ;)
by GEE X January 26, 2009
Founded in 1919, Tower Hill is the conservative school which is superior to Tatnall. We trounce Tatnall in many sectors. Our students cut themselves at a rate which Tatnall cannot compete. All of our girls sport personalities which no rich Catholic school can contest. The also sport the latest clothing from top prep brands such as Polo, Abercrombie, J. Crew, Lilly, and others. If someone asks you "Do you know who my father is," there is an 94.5% chance they are from Tower Hill School.
Tower Hill is leading producer of obnoxious graduates.
by Sir Rich March 30, 2005
An extremely snobby school known for their dominating field hockey team. While most of their sports teams are above average, they're not as strong as field hockey, but it's okay because their academics far surpass any other school's in the area. They tend to get highly intoxicated before any school function, though rarely make as much mess as the tatnall kids. While many say the school is known for cutting, those who did so ended up at A.I. Suprise suprise. Although most of the guys are severely lacking in good genes, they're better than most of the boys at any of the other schools. Even the skinny bitches at tower hill can beat up those girls on the tatnall football team. Sure they drive nice cars, but that's no reason to hate them - in fact try to be nice to them and maybe they'll give you a lift when your '84 honda breaks down. If you read a definition that is discrediting the school and has multiple spelling errors, the person who wrote it obviously doesn't go to tower hill. Tatnall still hasn't grasped the concept theres a difference between "your" and "you're" and "too" and "to". So if you're bitching about tower hill while popping your multi-layered polo collars, never beating anyone in any sport, and using 3rd grade grammar - you go to tatnall.
"Tatnall makes Tower Hill look fun."
by Your to hot for a tatnall kid October 07, 2007

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