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1. A female working on a touring show who seems to have no real stage or production skills. Usually does menial tasks and does little manual labor. Really gets paid to have relations with the male members of the show's crew.

2. A term used to call a female stageworker's skills into question. An insult directed at females on stage.
1. She was never good enough to work big shows when she was trying, but now that she's a tour whore she just stays on the bus and is in demand!

2. When she couldn't figure out how to tie a clove hitch, I called her a tour whore.
by his equestrian majesty July 24, 2006
someone, particularly female, who on vacation (tourist) decides to dress up slutty while visiting tourist attractions in an attempt to steal hot tourist boys from the locals. They tend to travel in groups, and are in the age group 10-18.
Ohmygod, look at that tourwhore. Why is she trying to slut it up in front of her parents? Total jailbait.
by notatourwhore July 06, 2010
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