n. Afrikaans slang for a penis, usually a short or small one.
Who are you planning to hurt with that tottie?
by (_._) March 09, 2005
Top Definition
good looking teenage girl
esp. one that is a tease or dressed to look older
look at that tottie, I bet she's lookin' for some action!
by greg2112 June 26, 2002
A "toddler hottie". A cute high-school girl under the age of 18.
Lets go to the mall and check out all the totties.
by b00sted February 18, 2009
A Southern stiff drink; usually in the afternoons
Tottie Time!
by Southern girl May 17, 2012
Cocktail, originally referred to as "hot tottie" it has evolved into referencing all alcoholic beverages.
" let's go grab a tottie before dinner"- "can I fix you a tottie, you look like you've had a rough day?"
by Meredith Vasquez April 27, 2007
Any kind of beer, preferably bud light.
Speaker #1, "Where's the totties at?"

Speaker #2, "There's a whole cooler full of totties over there!"

Speaker #3, "All right! Tottie Time!!"
by Claire Elise Gutliph April 11, 2010
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