a Cartoon Network show that is a bout spies that are girly girls they totally rock!Clover is a blond one sam is a red one and alex is a yellow.and there is a extra girl in some episodes named britney.her color is blue.
Me:I love totally spies!Me:oh know clover is kidnapped!Friend:stop i hate alex and sam cant you watch something else.
by manicure April 18, 2009
Top Definition
An awesome cartoon show with the hottest animated babes ever! When it comes on, my pants come off! (Lying on bed wacking off feverishly to Clover)
Totally Spies is on, gotta go!
by Totally spying on Clover October 29, 2004
1.) Show made for young girls to watch

2.) Show made for teenage boys to sexually fantasize about
1.) Little girl: Yay! Totally spies is on!

2.) "Uhuhuhuh. Hey Beavis?"
"Did you see that hot blond chick in totally spies or flies or whatever? She's SOOOO hot!"
"Booooiiiiiing! I wanna score with her!!"
"Uhuhuhuh. You said score!"
*Both laugh and eat nachos
by Keep On Truckin' Peepz May 27, 2015
A show with three chicks; two are run-of-the-mill white valley girls and one is a black british exchange student? They work for this place called woohp?, which is ran by some pedo named jerry. They solve missions and yadi yadi yada. Yes, I've watched the show. The old episodes were awesome, but then the storyline got dry and old and it's now gay.
Girl: Totally spies was totaly awesome when I was 8.

Boy: Keep watching those chicks, there's totally hot.
by Urugay February 29, 2008
A French made cartoon that is trying to be Powerpuff Girls and anime so bad, that not even the ardiest of perverts can spank to it.

Features a Formulaic Episode structure.
1. Girl X has problem.
2. Girls get Mission.
3. Girl Y gets horribly mutilated
4. Villain exposes him/herself, usually with a mind control scheme.
5. Girls nearly get killed.
6. Girls find stop cat solution, and save the world (from some hackneyed Doomsday plot)
7. Girls go home, and Girl X comes up with a moral to solve her problem, but ends up humiliating herself.
8. You realize you wasted 22 minutes of your life.
"... I missed Ed Edd and Eddy..."
"Well, if its any consolation, it'll come back on in two hours."
"But that means sitting through Totally Spies! NOoooo!"
by Fats McRobot September 03, 2004
With bad timing for sweat drops and other such anime-esque expressions, and a cast full of rich white girls who think saying "like totally" every 5 seconds makes them cool, Totally spies is probably the Crappiest wanna be anime ever made.

However the main female cast are hot enough to make you watch for a few minutes.
"God, change the channel, that shitty show is on again.. Wait! Clover's on!"
by Mr. Fukai February 23, 2005
3 rich lil white valley girls who save crime...yawn! And they got rid of G Gundam for this crap?!
And you all thought *I* was the dumb one here...sheesh!
by Evil Tim October 01, 2003
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