Top Definition
1. To burn the motherfucker to tha GROUND!
2. Arson of a public/private building.

Mike: Yo neeg, let's peep Mr. Merryweather's house on the top of that hill and giv'r a nice torchjob, you hear?
Johnny: Fair game man, faiiiir game. I'll keep an eye for the heat, you deal the damage and we'll split like Hilton's legs.
Mike: Toight.
by kroonk March 23, 2006
An enema with Ben-Gay. I think I read about this in Playboy in the eighties and curled up in my seat just thinking about it. Don't know if it is real or fake but I'm sure it can't be good for you in the extreme.
"John thought a Torchjob would help with both his back and constipation problem. He's dead so it did"

constipation torch burning asshole
by Bel-Ter March 12, 2010
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