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to torbay sum1 is to get a stick of butter and gently massage their nipples, whilst pouring salt water in their cunt or ass and wishing them a "safe journey" or shouting like basil faulty.
will u torbay me?
go on then.
*gently massages her nipples with stick of butter whilst doing basil faulty impression and pouring salt water into her cunt*
gee whiz, thanks!
by Philly the willy February 23, 2005
Torbay is a dead-end shithole. Almost as bad as Plymouth.
by teethgrinder September 28, 2003
Place of Thieves, PIMPs, Thugs and Gs - known to have the worlds greatest pirate radio station
Kris Hughes, Phil C, T Lowe, Ant W, Jamie Unwin, Don Coreloane all comute there
by Kris Hughes June 21, 2003
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