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excellent, wow, superb
Person A: "Hey, i got a new car!"
Person B: "Topshit, dude!"
by RUBBERGUN August 13, 2005
Top of the line. Best in its class. An adjective, meaning high-quality, that is preferred by those of color.
Ay dawg, those pamphlets are top shit!
by Mike aka Scorponok October 23, 2007
When someone is greater than He. Cream of the crop, best of the best.
Owen is top shit because he is the sexiest man alive. TOP SHIT.
by Top shiznatch January 26, 2011
When someone thinks they are the best, most coolest person ever when really they look like a tool.
Bob thought he was topshit driving his brand new hatchback down the road.
by MaBro May 18, 2007
Merchandise and items usually sold in Topshop
They're having a sale to get rid of the topshit.
by The_B November 29, 2007