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A dance introduced by the youtube star, Ryan Higa (nigahiga,) specifically for untalented people. He wanted it to create a movement to "make a difference." This is ironic because most of the video replies showing people atttempting the move, looks like failed attempts to squash a bug.

This dance goes well with the song Duck Sauce by Barbra Streisand.
Oh my gosh, man, top raving is going to be the next big thing.

Aww man, I am so uncoornidated that I can't even top rave like nigahiga.
by purplehippopillowpet October 30, 2011
A dance introduced in late 2011 by Ryan Higa together with Kevin Wu as the signature move of their dance troupe, "BEST crew". See the nigahiga video "Off The Pill - Dancing" on Youtube for more information.
by higafan October 28, 2011