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a) v. to make a bowl movement in the water tank of a toilet (top load.ed, -ing) b) n. someone who takes a bowl movement in the water tank of a toilet (top
v.: present tense: Don't usurp my throne or I'll top load yours!
past tense: Bill top loaded my toilet, it made the water run brown for weeks.
n.: Hi I'm Bill and I'm a top loader.
by EnigmaticRythms May 01, 2005
when some one shits in the cistern of the toilet causing the water to flush brown for weeks on end
"hey luke that guy that makes those rim stickers is a real fuckin felcher,i think you should go around there after a hard night on the curry and give his shitter a good old fashioned dacks around the ankles topload....what do you think old son"
by mcr toilet cleaning services September 15, 2009
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