Any idiot who constantly wears their blue-tooth earpiece, wheather they are actually on the phone or not; like it is a new fashion accesory.
Man, I always thought Sam must be a popular guy because he's always wearing his earpiece, but I found out he's just a 'Tooth Fairy.
by J. Cox May 13, 2007
One who practices dentistry while under the influence of queer.
Gay Dentist
by Ben's son January 21, 2004
A closet gay guy who won't have vaginal sex with any female. He'll only receive oral from every girl he meets.

1. To keep his reputation

2. To hide his secret
Nah, you don't want him. He's a a "Tooth Fairy", only wants your jaws and not your box. From what I've heard, he's only ever had oral, because he can imagine it's a guys mouth. But he has to! So his boys don't know!
by No1AboveLo May 01, 2011
A homosexual vampire
Lestat is a tooth fairy
by Gutterbird October 12, 2008
A small winged creature that teaches little kids that They can get money for their body parts.
Little girl: I put my tooth under mah pillow last night
other kid: HOW MUCH U GEIT?
Little girl: like... 5$

News reporter: Little Billy Billson was found dead last night under his pillow after appernetly trying to put his leg under his pillow for the tooth fairy. This "tooth fairy" is now in custidy and being put under investigation.
by LunaLovez February 17, 2010
A 2010 family film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that is both unoriginal and cliche. It is highly recommended that you don't waste your time with this movie, however it is a rite of passage for all Stephen Merchant fans
Person 1: Hey, do you wanna watch Tooth Fairy?
Person 2: Nah, it looks like a pretty boring movie.
Person 1: Yeah, but Stephen Merchant is in it!!
Person 2: Seriously?! Alright, I guess it's worth sitting through.
by Spicy Tuna October 24, 2011
A tooth fairy is a gay dentist.
Dr. Gumm's idea of a root canal was to go for a root in someone's "canal".

He was a consummate tooth fairy.
by scodder May 20, 2010
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