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Quickly, immediately, at once. This word is a corruption of the French ‘tout de suite’, which literally means 'all at once'
When his ex girlfriend arrived, he got out of there toot sweet!
by Manywaters February 02, 2007
immediately, as quickly as possible
"I'll be back from the restroom toot sweet so we can continue our conversation."
by beorn May 23, 2006
The candy that sounds like a whistle, as created on the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
I think it would be fun to eat toot sweets!
by JenCheer February 11, 2009
Slang for cocaine, as per the Stephen King novel 'Thinner'
"Tootsweet?" He offered me, holding a little bag of coke.
by RoadR September 22, 2006
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