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The fan club for the band Tool (which is probably by far the greatest band i've ever listened to).
"Are you a member of the Tool Army?? WE WANT YOU!"
by benanner April 11, 2007
A fan club for the band "Tool". The Tool Army is a hilarious money making scheme, which the "Tools" don't understand. These individuals walk around in shirts that say "Tool" in large letters, failing to understand Maynard's love/hate affair with consumer culture.

The Tool Army costs 30$ or more and the buyer gets "keychains and certificates" and still gets mad when they take a long time to come in the mail.

Tool is an amazing band. It has retarded fans.
"hey man, I joined the tool army!" - Idiot 1

"Haha, you Tool. You probably actually like Puscifer too, don't you?" - Me, Smart guy.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, even Maynard says it is shit and for people who don't think. Enjoy."
by BenZe May 31, 2012
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