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Many definitions, but for women it usually means flirting all night with an unattractive/lame guy you are not AT ALL interested in so him and his group of friends can:

A) Get you AND your girlfriends in club/lounge/event for free or pay for you all.
B) Get you AND your girlfriends into VIP.

C) Supply drinks all night for you AND your girlfriends.

Yes you end up annoyed all night and the guy acts as a major c*ck-block and you'll have to comprise a way to artfully dismiss him at the night's end, but at least you're tipsy and you're friends will thank you later because they are having a blast.

Last night was so much fun! So glad Rachel took one for the team by entertaining that fugly dude at the VMA after party. Who knew he was bffls with Kanye?

take one for the team A.K.A.:
Took one for the team.

Taking one for the team.

Taking it for the team.

by Jm. Belle. November 04, 2010
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