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An alternative word to celebrate, like "YAY!" "WOO-HOO!" and "YEAAH!"

When you are having fun, at the bar or out with friends, shout out "too too woo woo" instead of "woo-hoo!" and hear everyone in your group repeat it!
TOO TOO WOO WOO! Hell yeah!
by woowoohoohoo April 04, 2011
If you live in a small-town in Florida, you might have heard this one. An alternative to "Woo-hoo" and "yea-yeah". Bascially a term of excitement that you shout out, and then your friends better repeat it and keep it going! Get pepped up with a shout of "too too woo woo!!!!"
Okay, let's do shots!" "TOO TOO WOO WOO!" "YEEEEAAAH!" "WOO-HOO
by yeaaaahthatsright April 10, 2011
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