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A Scouse (Liverpool, England)slang word for condom, first made popular in the early 1970s. Probably introduced via sailors (Lpool being a port) and tangentially related to the word: honkey-tonk. You can look up that one yourself.
"Eh, Steve Quinn has robbed a tonkey off 'is brother and thinks ee's dead 'ard."
by Oscar Plankton III October 21, 2004
A Tonkey is a poodle who takes a bath in chocolate pudding for 45 minutes each day while watching SpongeBob.
I am giving my poodle a Tonkey.
by Jwhite December 16, 2013
noun; slang word for the female vagina.
Jay lil crack richie: "damn, my tonkey got really merked last night."

Looo rida dicrec: "it's TONKEY TIMEEEEE!!!"

Julianna Kahjeffers: "I just had the freshest tonkey shave...feel it."

Nicole TwanDuffy: "I need a new vibrator for my tonkey."

Cara Wankaripoli: "Where's the tonkey?"

Pop princess mel moritz: "What's a tonkey?"

Ashley Beastbowas: "My fucking tonkey is a muthafuckin BEAST."
by Pop Princess Mel June 17, 2008
a fat pastey white boy who wears shirts to tight and has an afro-puff OR goes by the name of will Jackson..cause he is a stupid faggot...
Me: Hey look its tonkey!
Nique: Lets throw sticks at him!
Kyle: no fuck that damnit lets throw rocks!
Nique and me: Ok!
by The Idiot Savant April 27, 2004

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