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the art of licking the ENTIRE body of your partner. Not necessarily limited to just the area in between one's legs...(Boobs, ass, in bathing)
"Let me give you a tongue bath, I'll lick you from head to toe"."
by Big Raj December 16, 2004
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A bath given to someone with your tongue, licking them EVERYWHERE, even behind the ears and in the belly button. Exactly the way a lion would to her cub. Involves licking the sweat and stickiness of the other person.
I would tongue bath the fuck out of Austin Carlile after he gets off stage
by lickmebaby1moretime November 08, 2012
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What two clowns do when they meet up before they go deck some shreks. >:|
by LUHUHUSHDHASUHUA September 10, 2005
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