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1. Identity given, by the United States Military during World War II, to the anonymous female broadcasters on a English language Japanese radio show called "The Zero hour". The show was managed by the Japanese military and its content was geared to demoralize the potential US troops listening in. Contrary to popular belief of the US media, there was never a person named Tokyo Rose, nor fictional character, or even a nickname. Simply an ID, like John Doe, given to the nameless female broadcasters.

The term, though, did begin to affix to one individual broadcaster named Iva Ikuko Toguri, who was actually a US citizen. During the "Jap Scare," many citizens of Japanese decent were sent to relocation camps, or in Iva's case, deported to Japan. The Japanese government saw her merely as a US citizen and promptly put her in captivity and forced her (cause she spoke English well) to air on this radio show under the alias "Orphan Ann". Iva made 340 broadcasts like this. Though, Iva knew something the Japanese didn't know, sarcasm.

The Japanese language is unable to detect sarcastic tones, as it is a tonal language on its own. Iva was the only broadcaster who would say what she was told to say, but in a near comedic sarcastic tone, which US troops actually gained moral from.

After the war was over, Japan sent Iva back to the US where she was tried and convicted for treason and was fines $10,000 as well as being sent to prison for a period of 10 years, based on the severity of the crime.

Despite numerous denied parole attempts she did eventually get out three years early in 1956 on good behavior, only to have her ordeal followed by many deportation hearings. It wasn't until 1977 that President Gerald Ford granted Iva a full pardon. To this day Iva has received no restitution for her encarceration nor even an apology from her nation of birth.

2. A mixed alcoholic drink, named after the alias of "Tokyo Rose," composed of 1 parts Japanese rice wine (sake), 1 parts melon infused vodka/liquer (other variations of fruit flavors of this are known to be used, though melon is the original), and topped off with whole cherries and/or some grenadine.

3. An exceptionaly gorgeous Japanese woman

4. the term is used rarely to describe the act of enducing vaginal bleeding during sex (typically, with a smaller bodied, Asian girl or woman), whether it be from breaking a hymen or simply from vigorous intercourse
1. "Hey, John! Did you hear Tokyo Rose on the radio last night? I missed the broadcast while I was on my mission."

2. It only took me three Tokyo Roses, and bam, I was ready to call it a night.

3. "How was Japan?" "You wouldn't believe the Tokyo Rose I met there."

4. Xiao and I had a Tokyo Rose last night, in bed, during sex.
by schall January 18, 2005
A nickname giving to hide the identity of a crush.
Tokyo Rose is so perfect!- But he can't know I like him...
by Yes Tokyo Rose April 17, 2008
A used tampon.
Kelly is so nasty she left her tokyo rose in the toilet.
by killherslowley April 08, 2011
a Rock / Punk / Emo band from New Brunswick, NJ that isn't probably known well. band memembers are Ryan Dominguez, Chris Poulsen, Josh Lurie, and Shawn Fichtner
Tokyo Rose is some unknown band that I'm the only one who knows!
by supergirl2112 June 06, 2006
A sexual act.
The male fucks the female so hard than when he pulls out his penis, the blood comes spurting out of her vagina.
I gave her the Tokyo Rose last night, it was f*ckin hardcore.
by KRHimself May 08, 2004