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A nickname giving to hide the identity of a crush.
Tokyo Rose is so perfect!- But he can't know I like him...
by Yes Tokyo Rose April 17, 2008
A bloody dick.
OW! I got a tokyo rose
by Trey Eclipse June 12, 2016
A used tampon.
Kelly is so nasty she left her tokyo rose in the toilet.
by killherslowley April 08, 2011
a Rock / Punk / Emo band from New Brunswick, NJ that isn't probably known well. band memembers are Ryan Dominguez, Chris Poulsen, Josh Lurie, and Shawn Fichtner
Tokyo Rose is some unknown band that I'm the only one who knows!
by supergirl2112 June 06, 2006
A sexual act.
The male fucks the female so hard than when he pulls out his penis, the blood comes spurting out of her vagina.
I gave her the Tokyo Rose last night, it was f*ckin hardcore.
by KRHimself May 08, 2004
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