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1- DO NOT start shitting before you are completely sitting on the seat

2- If you shit more than a quart,( large container of Chinese soup) a courtesy flush is mandatory mid shit or the bowel clogs

3- If your shit is stinkier than normal (had Mexican the night before) a courtesy flush is again mandatory

4- If you use the entire roll of toilet paper during your wipe, flush frequently to avoid clogging the toilet for the person behind you

5- If you insist on using brown paper towels as an “ass gasket” on the seat, DO NOT attempt to flush it when your done, it WILL clog the bowel

6- …And for God sake, if you insist on using the TOILET as a urinal, LIFT THE SEAT!

Have a nice day.
"wow, the last guy obviously did NOT use toilet etiquette"
by BigHeadEd March 09, 2008
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