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When you make a mistake while typing with your feet.
John: That's a ridiculous typo! Who the hell gets those words mixed up?

Mary: No, that was a toepo. I'm not typing, I'm toeping.

John: What the hell!
by rgraiff August 20, 2010
Short for camel toe police. The toe po are the freaky dudes who have an obsession for women's camel toes and who watch them obsessively. A camel toe is the part of a female's anatomy that looks like a camel toe, i.e. the vulva-with-split that is often outlined under pants if the pants are tight enough.
Every summer there are plenty of bodacious young females at the beach in bikinis. Just as surely are the toe po, with camera, cams, and/or binoculars.
by MsLi December 22, 2010
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