(adj.) (pronouced: toad-up) The act of consuming large amounts of alcohol, narcotics, hallucinogens, uppers, downers, all kinds of drugs to achieve an almost total loss of control of normal speech. Literally meaning "torn up." But, one would have to become so "fucked up" that the human tongue could not even begin to prounounce "torn up" in a recognizable fashion.
Wasted: "Brah, I jus drank that handle of vodka...yo I'm so toe'd up!"

Tipsy: "Dude, what did he say?"

Sober: "I think he said he's torn up."

Wasted: "Toe'd up! Motha fucka!!"
by Donna Matrix July 27, 2008
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An incorrect derivation of the term "tore up". Now used to mean getting fucked up so bad that you have to lay down.
Bro, lets get toed up tonight.
by Andre December 12, 2004
variant of toe up

messy; unkempt

usually used when referring to one's look
"look at dat bougie wit her toed up braids"
by nonconcrete August 15, 2004
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