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A male who taps his foot in a public restroom stall as a signal that he is looking for gay erotic pleasures.
That senator from Idaho got caught trying to get some doodle in the restroom. Who would have thought he was a toe tapper.

That fool Greg doesn't like boobs so he must be a toe tapper.
by Nick and Evan September 05, 2007
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a closet homosexual who uses public restrooms to find a partner by sitting in a stall and tapping his foot. Homosexuals have devised this system in order to have casual sex with other men.
apparently the public toilets in airports and rest areas are great places to get buggered.
Senator Craig is such a toe-tapper. He creeps me out. I bet he is a lawyer too.
by kevinjohnson August 30, 2007
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A dope vibe to rock to. Generally something that makes you tap your feet when listening to it. See Jerry Lewis "Real Toe Tapper"
It was a toe tapper, I must admit that.
by IamTheLegendary December 21, 2010
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